Facebook Chat Heads for Android phones

Some users may not like the thought of a social networking site taking over their entire mobile phone as Facebook Home does, but now there appears to be another option.

Facebook Chat Heads allows Android users to have the site's messenger feature on their phone's home space much like how text messages work on a device.

The messenger works the way it does inside the website, but when you switch to something else a “chat head” appears to let users know when they have a message. People can then communicate with their friends over any other app that you're using.

A new update has arrived at the Google Play Store which bids to make the feature sleeker and generally better. Users can switch Chat Heads on or off within Facebook so customers have full control of whether they want it after trying it.

With Facebook Home people can also make the messenger their default SMS client much like the iMessage in Apple iPhones.

As with most things, not everyone is a fan, but people that are loyal to the site and enjoy interacting with friends constantly will probably benefit from downloading the app.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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