Facebook Live comes to Android

Facebook has made its real time broadcasting feature Facebook Live available to Android users, as well as adding the service to new territories. 

The feature allows people to share their experiences with people on their friends list in real time. It has been embraced by public figures who want to connect with their fans all over the world, in addition to anyone who wishes to broadcast a special moment to their friends, family and loved ones. 

Facebook has noted that more and more people are tuning in and engaging directly with Live broadcasters in the moment, which is making the Live service increasingly popular. 

The moments shared are by nature more authentic and exciting than a carefully staged photo – and this intimacy could be one of the reasons behind its popularity. 

Facebook Live product manager Vadim Lavrusik and Facebook engineering manager Dave Capra said users watch a live video for an average of over three times the length of time they would be willing to commit to any other kind of video on the social network. 

“We know that people on Android love interacting with live videos – more than 50 per cent of people watching live videos are using Android devices,” the pair commented. 

“We're excited to announce that in the next week we are going to start rolling out the ability for people on Android to share live video. We're starting our Android rollout in the US, with more countries coming soon.”

Live videos can be shared by simply tapping the 'What's on your mind' icon at the top of the News Feed, then selecting the Live Video icon. A description can be written and the audience selected before going live. The number of viewers and names of friends tuning in will be shown to the user, who is able to respond to a stream of comments as they are written. 

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