Facebook releases newest app

There doesn’t seem to be a week that goes by without Facebook appearing in the news, as Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild continues to develop and expand.

This time, the world famous social networking site is making headlines as it presents a brand new stand-alone mobile app, which follows in the footsteps of Facebook Messenger and Paper. The ‘Groups’ feature will be taking the site’s, well, group features, and allowing users to access it without having to actually have the main Facebook app open on your smartphone.

By using the Groups app, the 700 million users who use the feature already through the main site will be able to interact specifically with other members of the particular groups that they are joined to.

It should also make it much easier to navigate and use the groups to the best of your ability. At the moment, it can only be accessed via the main Facebook app and even once that is open, it is rather hard to locate and use.

The new Groups app will be available on iOS and Android and opens up very clearly in a grid form of group icons, with the one you interact with the most being placed at the top of the screen. Once you are in a particular group you can still update posts, share photos and comment on what other people have said.

Notifications will no doubt become a very popular part of this app as the user is able to control what they do want to be notified about, with push notifications being offered as well.

For those who perhaps don’t feel they use groups on Facebook enough to need to download the new app, it can still be accessed via the main app itself. As of yet it doesn’t seem that Facebook will be forcing anyone to make the move to the standalone app.

While the features and what you can do within groups won’t be changing, it really helps to just make everything a little clearer, in turn further spreading the message of Facebook which is to network and interact with others and helps to keep the world connected.

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