The UK might be aware that recycling mobile phones can prove a positive green step, but it has also been suggested that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions could be reduced via handsets.

A report on Nokia Conversations has said mobile phones can play an important part in being green.

For those who are wondering how this is so, article author Rhiain stated: “Drivers using navigation on a regular basis not only drive shorter distances and spend less time driving, but also consume less fuel which decreases their CO2 emissions.”

Nokia Ovi Maps covers more than 70 countries and offers free Lonely Planet guides, maps and their updated versions, free drive navigation and free walk navigation.

The phone maker lists the handsets that are made to make navigation more convenient and these include the Nokia E52, N97, E72 and the E55.

A short video on the Nokia Conversations website shows exactly how its customers can go green just by using their mobile phones.

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