Fujitsu tech ‘can tell when you’re stressed on mobile phone’

Japanese technology giant Fujitsu claims to have developed a system that can determine when someone is stressed out or being conned by a mobile phone scam.

The company stated that together with Nagoya University, Japan, it has combined two technologies to detect when someone is being duped.

One way is through audio analysis software that tracks the pitch of a potential victim's voice during a conversation and the other is voice recognition to scan words spoken by the person on the other end of the phone.

It counts the number of times certain words usually used during phone scams come up in conversation.

Fujitsu is not the only firm to have come up with revolutionary ideas for mobile phones, as Nokia recently filed a patent in the US for magnetic tattoos that would notify a user when they have a message or call.

The firm said it would now conduct tests with the National Police Academy and a major bank in Nagoya to see if the technology is a viable option moving forward.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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