Google announces its own Galaxy S4

Google announced at its I/O annual conference that it would be retailing its own version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone.

The corporate event yesterday (May 16th) saw the search-engine company reveal an assortment of new games and features for the Google Play store but surprisingly it also revealed a brand new device.

Google revealed that it has boosted the handset with a stock version of Android 4.2.2 and made it cheaper too.

Carrying a mighty 1.9GHz processor and LTE support it's definitely not a budget-looking device.

Google's Galaxy S4 will also have 16GB of storage and should be supported by AT&T and T-Mobile, but international carriers remain unconfirmed.

The slight drawback for Australians is that its only being sold via the Google Play Store to US residents from the end of next month.

However, you can purchase the phone through a third-party seller and still get it cheaper than you would over here.

Samsung offers the Galaxy S4 for around AU$899, Google are selling its version for AU$649 so even if you pay another AU$100 to get it shipped you're still about $150 in profit.

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