Google happy to help you find your perfect smartphone

It is increasingly difficult to pick out a smartphone these days because there are so many great devices to choose from. Sure, if we could, we’d have them all, different phones for different outfits, smartphones for certain occasions, mobiles for particular events.

Wouldn’t that be something? Who knows, maybe one day that will become a reality and our personal collection of smartphones will be numerous like jewellery and watches. We are, after all, moving to a wearable tech age.

Anyways, enough daydreaming, back to the matter in hand – selecting a smartphone. Sure, it is a lot more arduous than it used to be, but do not worry, there is help. Google has developed a new website that helps you find the best device possible … on Android of course.

It’s all part of the motto of the operating system, which is “be together, not the same”. The free service is designed to reflect that sentiment. After all, you don’t want to be doing what everyone is doing – it’s nice to be original and, moreover, true to yourself.

Here’s how it works. The first question asks what your new Android is going to be used for. There are multiple options to choose from and you can select as many of them as you want. They include taking photos, social media, staying fit, talking, browsing the web and “expressing my style”.

So, let’s say you select the box that concerns taking snaps. What happens next is that you end up on a different page. You are posed with another question, which in this instance is “how often do you take photos?”.

You have four options available to you. They include “I’m not sure”, “about five a week”, “about 20 a week” and “over 40 a week”. We clicked on approximately 20. The next question is “what’s important for your phone’s camera?”. We went for “awesome selfie camera”.

You then go through the same motions for each of the original boxes. We chose listening to music and being productive. After you have selected at least three, it works out what phone is suitable for you.

In our case, it was a number of devices, including Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, LG 4, HTC One (M9) and Nexus 6. It was a fascinating experience and we like to think that the results were fairly accurate. Although it doesn’t hone it down to one device, the results are more refined than they would be.

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