Google Maps back for Apple iPhone devices

Apple iPhone owners will once again be able to utilise the Google Maps navigation tool, as it is now available for download through iTunes.

The app was once pre-installed on the American manufacturer's handsets, along with tools such as Safari, YouTube and Stocks.

However, as the rivalry between the technology industry leaders increased, Apple chose to remove Google-made apps from its operating system.

When users upgraded to iOS 6 or bought an iPhone 5, they were instead greeted with an Apple Maps replacement.

However, this was not well-received due to a number of bugs and errors, and chief executive Tim Cook published a letter advising customers to use alternatives.

Australian police recently warned drivers about the dangers of using Apple Maps – many drivers had found themselves stranded after following incorrect directions.

Users can install Google Maps and utilise what many consider a superior navigation tool for free by visiting the App Store.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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