Government calls for crackdown in mobile roaming charges

The government are set to force telecommunications companies to tell consumers exactly how much international calls and texts costs to prevent bill shock.

Communications minister Stephen Conroy made the announcement earlier today (August 23rd) and it is expected to come into force within a year.

Companies will be required to send an alert to their customers travelling abroad telling them how much it will cost to make calls or surf the web.

Spokeswoman for the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network Elise Davidson recently suggested that the huge growth in smartphone users has led to a large increase in people complaining about hefty bills.

Mr Conroy said travellers are often hit with huge bills that sometimes bill in the thousands of dollars.

He will direct the Australian Communications and Media Authority to create a new industry standard.

“When consumers are paying more for the phone bill than the holiday itself, then something is wrong,” he added.

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