Has Apple solved the battery problem for its new phablet?

We don't yet know that Apple will definitely be bringing a phablet to the market this year, although rumours have been rife that it is working on a standard 4.7-inch version of its new iPhone 6, as well as a much larger 5.5-inch phablet, and as it gets closer to the release in September, this speculation won't die down.

One of the latest stories to suggest that the Cupertino giant is working on such a device has come in the form of a leak that claims Apple has managed to eradicate one of the problems that it has been battling for the past year in the development of the larger handset.

The problem is believed to have been born from the fact that Apple wanted to create a large phablet device, but wanted to keep it thin, which would mean that the battery could not be big enough to give it the sort of power that Apple sought out for its high standards.

But a leak from Taiwanese site UDN.com has claimed that Apple is now working with the country's Simplo to create a thin battery that manages to retain battery life. UDN.com reports that Simplo has managed to deliver, with a handset that is just 2mm thick and flexible, while also having the sort of power that Apple needed.

This will come as good news to those who were worried by last week's report that Apple was packing a 2,500mAh battery into its phones this year. These rumours suggested a battery far less powerful than those that are in the likes of Samsung and Sony devices of a similar size.

It's been a busy week for Apple related rumours so far as we get closer and closer to the rumoured release date for its new era of devices, which are expected to appear in late September. Earlier in the week (July 15th), an image from China purported to show a full completed version of the iPhone 6 – which seems to support a release date not being too far in the future.

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