How much will the Galaxy S9 cost?

How much are you willing to drop on a phone? Some people might prefer to err on the cheaper side of things, while others are comfortable putting down over $1,000 to purchase the latest flagship handset. Contracts allow that cost to be spread across a year or two, but buying a high-end smartphone is still a pretty expensive activity these days.

If you thought the $1,829 price tag for the top-model iPhone X was the end of pricey flagship phones, you might be wrong. According to new rumours, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is set to cost a pretty penny when it is eventually released, although there is no official word on any prices as of yet.

The first rumour comes from Korea's ETNews, which allegedly spoke to a Samsung official about the price of the S9. They apparently gave a cost of between ?945,000 and ?1 million, which equates approximately to between $1,110 and $1,175.

For context, the initial price of the Galaxy S8 in Korea was ?935,000, which is the equivalent of $1,000. However, it went on sale in Australia for $1,199, with the higher-spec S8+ costing $1,349. The cost of exporting the phones down under evidently adds a few hundred dollars onto the price.

Based on these numbers, we can estimate that the S9 could cost as much as $1,400 when it is released in Australia. This supports another rumour – this time from TechRadar – which has been told by a UK source that the S9 will retail at £789 in Britain. This works out at about $1,395.

Of course, for the moment these are just rumours. With nothing specifically being said about the Australian price, any specific figures need to be taken with a pinch of salt. That said, two separate sources seem to hint at the same price tag for the S9 down under, so who knows?

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