HTC releases software update to improve One’s camera

HTC has devised a new update for its One mobile phone to improve the UltraPixel camera.

The company was boasting of the excellence that the One's camera had but since it has been received by users flaws have been revealed.

People pointed out that the UltraPixel camera had a weakness when zooming in thanks to the noise filtering feature.

When the Taiwanese company unveiled the idea behind the UltraPixel camera, it was clearly a concern of the manufacturer that consumers would be put off by the four mega-pixel snapper, as cameras on smartphones seem to be continuously increasing their megapixels.

However the pictures show that users shouldn't judge the quality of a camera on just megapixels alone.

HTC are aware of the problem and have compiled an update to resolve the issue which should be available to download in April.

Singapore's Hardware Zone did a straight comparison before and after the update and it showed a clear improvement. Images are a lot clearer and detailed, especially when zoomed in.

There were notable weaknesses at ISO800, but this may be fixed in the final release of the update.

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