HTC to produce budget phones

HTC has announced that it will be focusing on more low-end mobile phones in the near future.

The change of heart comes after the company reported that it expects to see a 15 per cent fall in profits compared to last year. It's quite a shift for the company as it was only earlier this year that it released the HTC One in a bid to take on the tech giants like Apple and Samsung.

It appears that the company is moving towards low-cost devices in a bid to make more money and increase its profit margin. This was supported by HTC's financial chief Chialin Chang who said the company would look “at boarder products this quarter,” in an aim to produce “better profitability” in 2014.

This could mean that the company will only produce low-end devices in the near future, which could suggest that the HTC One, and its variations, could be the last high-spec handsets that we will see from the Taiwanese manufacturers for a while.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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