iPads can carry RSI risk

Doctors are starting to see the first signs of repetitive strain injury among users of iPads who spend hours a day on the devices, which could see people looking to recycle their mobile phones for another device pass up the opportunity to get a tablet.

A spate of cases in recent months has led to fears that “iPad hand” could be the new “BlackBerry thumb”, a condition said to have been suffered by people repeatedly using the roller ball scroller.

Medical director of the Beaumont Centre for Pain Medicine in Michigan, US, Dr John Pappas said people using iPads can avoid problems with their hands by following the same protocols suggested for a laptop computer.

“Prolonged use of tablet computers can cause different forms of repetitive strain injuries to the fingers and hands,” he continued.

According to author of ergonomics blog The Ergolab Cyndi Davis, repetitive strain injuries account for one in three of all workplace injuries.

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