iPhones may never get sapphire displays

Before the release of the immensely successful iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the rumour mills were turning fast and all fingers were pointing to the suggestion that Apple would be creating its newest device using a sapphire display.

Given that the company had invested $578 million with GT Advanced Technologies, which makes sapphire components, to build a factory in Arizona, it seemed pretty much a given.

Having a sapphire display would have meant that the screen was less likely to scratch although it would have brought the cost of the device a little higher.

As it turns out, sometimes rumours in the smartphone world aren’t true, as the new iPhones only had a minimal amount of sapphire featured in it, mainly on the lens cover or the rear camera and the Touch ID sensors. While this is still a slight truth, Apple hardly delivered the full sapphire display screen we all expected.

The future isn’t looking too bright either for Apple’s next iPhone, given the recent news that it has broken all ties with GT Advanced Technologies, which has since gone bankrupt.

DisplayMate has recently published some interesting analysis which suggests that Apple won’t be looking to add a sapphire screen to its iPhone 7 when it is released.

Various factors, including the price, seem to be very much a reason for the company to not use the material. Interestingly enough, the website has claimed that while a sapphire screen would be less likely to scratch, it would in fact be more prone to shattering.

Moreover, sapphire is actually more reflective than glass is by almost double, which DisplayMate says is ‘due to principles of optics’, meaning that in high ambient light, it would be much harder to be able to read the screen.

Rumours have already begun circulating about the iPhone 7, even though the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have only been in shops for a few weeks and it is looking increasingly unlikely that it will come with a sapphire display.

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