Is Apple making another shake up? Release date change may be in order

If there's one thing we could say about Apple, it's that the company is a creature of habit. Over the years, you could almost set your watch by the Cupertino giant's behaviours, uniformly releasing its flagship iPhone devices year after year right when we expected. 

In fact, despite its move from the summer (June) releases that we saw for the first four devices to the later September releases – and even then it stuck fast to Friday launches – it has been a pretty consistent calendar from Apple since the first iPhone hit the shelves seven years ago. 

And of course, it's not just been when it comes to release dates that Apple has remained consistent. The design, shape and size of its flagships has remained pretty solid over the years. The last major aesthetic change, in fact, came in 2010, when the iPhone 3S' more rounded shape gave way to the design we know today.

Since then, aside from getting a little bigger, there has been nothing to really shout home about in terms of the look of the phone. 

With these two uniform factors in consideration then, is this going to be the year that the Cupertino giant really looks to surprise us on two fronts? We've already heard numerous reports over the last few months that the new iPhone 6 will not only have a new shape and style, but also that it will come in two different sizes.

And now according to new details that have leaked, it could be the case that Apple is looking to surprise us with a new launch day. While most are now pretty settled on the fact that we expect to hear details of the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 from the company on September 19th, it looks like it is moving the goalposts for the actual on sale date. 

While in the past, many may have already been queued up at one of the company's shops worldwide on the Tuesday of release week, it seems they may actually be able to get their hands on an iPhone on this day this year, with MacRumors suggesting that October 14th will be the date that the phone lands on the shelves. 

The reason for this release date? High demand for the handset, apparently. Reports have already stated that Apple is looking to sell a higher number of devices this year than it did in the launch period just a year ago, with manufacturers asked to ready a much larger volume of handsets than in the past, but it seems that it believes an early release will allow it to capitalise on this.

Demand should be so high that Apple would expect to sell handsets throughout the week and into the weekend, with a senior store leader apparently claiming that the release date would be 'immense' for the company, adding that the physical stores should be busy throughout the month of October. 

Whether this plays out as Apple seems to expect remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure, the company is really keeping us on our toes this year. 

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