Is Microsoft set to give us a Lumia with the best of both worlds?

When Nokia and Microsoft formed a partnership earlier this year, it was announced that the former would be releasing no more devices with its own branding, instead going down the route of branding all phones as Windows Phone devices. 

It was a move that made sense, bringing together the device itself and the software that powers it, the Windows Phone OS. However, there were many questions left by this move, one of which now appears to have been answered by Microsoft's vice president of devices group, Stephen Elop. 

The announcement that all phones would be branded under the Windows banner understandably led many to believe that a synergy had been created between the two to offer an exclusivity – Nokia phones run Windows Phone – but this would bring an end to its foray into Android devices, which started only a few months ago with the release of the Nokia X.

However, it appears that this might not be the case after all, with sources saying that Mr Elop himself has been talking quite openly about the possibility of furthering this venture, and has even been seen with a strange new device – codenamed Project Green, the couple of Android's branding. 

Rumours we're hearing from the likes of TechRadar suggest that not only will this mean a newer version of an Android phone on Nokia platforms, but that the new device could well be from the Lumia range, well known for its fantastic cameras in the past. 

So what should we expect to see from this new potential release? A best of both worlds approach would be the most plausible prediction.

It's quite unlikely that Microsoft will want to release a device that runs exclusively as an Android handset, so what we may well see is a phone that has Android at its core, but looks and feels like a Windows phone, with the famous tiled interface. 

What it would mean, though, is a Nokia handset that has all the Lumia features, the best of Windows Phone, and also access to Google Play, which would be seen as a huge plus for many buyers. 

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