LG G3 to bring octa-core Odin processor

It seems that all the big mobile phone companies are fighting it out to release the smartphone that packs the most power. However, smaller firm LG doesn't want to lag behind in the power stakes either.

According to Digital Times, the company is working on quad and octa-core versions of its Odin processor. The Korean website indicates that this will bring speeds of the LG handsets up to 2.2GHz from the 1.7GHz recorded by its Cortex A15 cores.

It will mean that LG will be able to compete with bigger firms like Samsung that have already included octa-core processors in its major handsets such as the Galaxy S4.

Many other companies are also expected to include octa-core processors in their range of handsets next year, meaning that power could be a factor that sways consumers when it comes to which device they buy in 2014.

Posted by Clare Marshall

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