LG Mobile stimulates rumours with Facebook and YouTube teasers

LG Mobile has stimulated a host of rumours surrounding its plans for the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event after posting teasers on its Facebook and YouTube pages.

The show is set to take place between February 25th and 28th in Barcelona, and many manufacturers have indicated that they have exciting debuts planned.

An image posted on the social networking website says that “a new series will be revealed”, suggesting that a whole range of novel smartphones will be introduced.

The manufacturer also promises that the “surprise” will have an “unexpected distinction”, suggesting that innovations and premium handsets will be showcased.

Optimus handsets currently make up the company's top products, alongside the Nexus 4 which was produced in collaboration with Google.

An MWC trailer on the video-sharing website also claims that new releases will be speedy, creative and stylish, so it seems as though top specifications and unique designs are in line.

Posted by Samantha Green

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