LG to release V30+ in Australia

Australian consumers have so far missed out on the LG V30, as the manufacturer has no plans to release its flagship handset Down Under. However, the South Korean firm has decided to treat us to its slightly better V30+ model instead, which will be headed to Australian stores at some point in November this year.

This is great news for consumers, although the V30+ isn't hugely different from the standard model. The main difference is that the V30 comes with 64GB of storage capacity, while its souped-up variant has double that at 128GB.

However, the only other major improvement over the standard V30 is that the V30+ comes with Quad DAC audio features, as well as a pair of QuadPlay earbuds. Nevertheless, it is still a premium handset no matter the variant, and it looks set to be cheaper than its rivals.

The LG V30+ will retail through JB Hi-Fi at a cost of $1,199. This is significantly lower than other smartphones with similar specifications, suggesting that LG will have an advantage over its rivals. For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is set to retail at $1,499 in Australia, while the Google Pixel 2 XL will cost $1,549.

LG has revealed that the phone will run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, becoming the first LG model to do so. Along with its 128GB of storage space, it will come with 4GB of RAM and a six-inch, 2880×1440 pixel display.

The phone will also feature dual rear cameras – a 13MP wide-angle and a 16MP standard – as well as a 5MP camera on the front. Previous models in LG's V series had second screen bars at the top of their respective handsets, but this is absent on the V30 and V30+.

Customers will also be able to benefit from a 3300mAh, fast-charging battery. The LG V30+ will be IP68-certified against water and dust as well, to ensure it is a durable model.

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