Mobile phone consumers ‘set to see lighter and thinner devices’

People who trade in mobile phones and switch to a newer model in the future are likely to be in a position to enjoy lighter and thinner handsets.

Dr Jennifer Colegrove, vice-president of emerging display technologies for DisplaySearch, said there have been great developments in touchscreen capabilities in recent times.

She suggested that projective capacity is currently the must-have touchscreen and advances in this are ongoing to make it a simpler structure.

“The benefit that the consumer will see is devices [that] will be lighter and thinner and more comfortable to hold in your hand for a long time. Also, it could save some cost,” Dr Colegrove explained.

She went on to note that the advances made in this area are sure to be highly beneficial to consumers in the long run. recently published the first pictures of the new HTC Edge, which is said to be built around its hi-tech 4.7-inch touchscreen.

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