Mobile phone football rights battle returns to court

Australia's biggest football codes and mobile phone companies will be returning to court today (March 13th) to battle over internet distribution rights worth millions of dollars.

Lawyers for the Australian Football League, National Rugby League and Telstra want to overturn the controversial decision by Justice Steven Rares to allow Optus to continue to show football near-to-live despite not being an official rights holder.

Justice Rares of the Federal Court in New South Wales last month found that Optus was not breaching copyright law by allowing people to watch the coverage on their mobile phones with a 90-second delay.

The hearing is set for two days and media and entertainment partner at Holding Redlich Ian Robertson told the Sydney Morning Herald the ruling could lead to a legislative amendment.

“[If the court's decision is upheld] then what it leads to is the practical effect that a mobile company is getting for free what it was assumed they would have to pay for,” he added.

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