Mobile phone owners ‘check their handset 150 times per day’

New research has highlighted how important the handset has become in modern times, and demonstrates how those with an old mobile phone could be missing out.

Consultant Tomi Ahonen analysed a study by Nokia and found that people check their handset around 150 times during the 16 hours they are awake each day.

Owners are apparently failing to leave their device alone for more than 6.5 minutes, as they frequently check the time and look for notifications, the Daily Mail reports.

Usual functions like answering calls and sending text messages are common among all gadget owners, but many functions people cannot do without are provided by more modern models.

Operating systems like iOS and Android give users access to extensive app stores which have fun games as well as convenient tools available for download – often for free.

Premium touchscreen devices like the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 also make browsing the web, reading books and watching the movies a breeze.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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