Mobile phone recycling: Angry Birds maker Rovio launches Amazing Alex

The maker of Angry Birds – Rovio – has launched its first new franchise since 2009 with the introduction of Amazing Alex.

Amazing Alex's performance will be closely monitored after the earlier series of it managed to achieve more than one billion downloads on to mobile phones.

In the game, players must arrange objects on screen to create a chain reaction, with each piece in the puzzle having an effect on another until the ultimate goal is achieved.

Earlier this year Angry Birds was once again voted as the Best Game at the Carphone Warehouse Appys in the UK.

Jack Kent from IHS Screen Digest told BBC News it is questionable whether Rovio will be able to bring all of its fan base to play Amazing Alex.

“On mobile it's not as clear that Rovio will be able to do that, especially from a game like Angry Birds that doesn't have the same social connections,” he added.

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