Mobile phone recycling: New BlackBerry 10 handsets will come with HD screen

Research In Motion (RIM) has revealed that its next generation operating system BlackBerry 10, which is likely to be released next year, will be supporting high definition screens (HD).

In a blog post aimed at developers, the manufacturer said that the screens on the first smartphone offerings will be HD. The post also confirmed that the firm won't just be bringing out one mobile phone at the launch of the operating system.

The post confirmed that devices which have RIM's traditional portrait QWERTY design will also feature HD screens with a 720×720 resolution.

Bloomberg reported earlier this week that RIM's most-prized asset – its enterprise-services unit – is the subject of interest from major technology firm International Business Machines (IBM).

“The screen resolution on the Dev Alpha device is 1280×768. Let's just go on record and confirm that this will be the screen resolution shipped with the first BlackBerry 10 full touch device,” the blog posted continued.

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