Mobile phone recycling: Samsung releases NFC stickers

Samsung is rapidly becoming the world leader in the mobile phone and smartphone market as its technology consistently beats its rivals.

The latest mobile to have been released by the firm – the Galaxy S3 – is expected to be hugely successful if sales of its predecessor are anything to go by.

Now it has released its new Tec Tiles, which are NFC (Near Field Communication) stickers that can be placed anywhere in your house or office.

By touching your phone next to the sticker you can perform almost any function on the device.

It can also help visitors connect to the internet much easier. As guests arrive they could touch their phone to the sticker and instantly connect to the Wi-Fi without the need to look for the pass code.

If it was stuck in your car, it could activate a Bluetooth in-car speaker, start playing music and also open up Google Navigation in order to get directions.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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