Many mobile phone users in the UK prioritise their mobile phone contract payments over other bills, it has been claimed.

According to O2, a significant number of people are willing to put their mobile phones first ahead of any of invoice.

“There are bills that do not take priority over a mobile phone, including for some even their mortgages,” said an O2 spokesman.

“If people find themselves in difficulty we invite them to discuss their situation.”

Ronan Dunne, the new UK boss at O2, claimed that mobile phones were now a very important part of people’s lives and suggested that even the ongoing recession is doing nothing to persuade his firm’s 19 million customers to do without their handsets.

The comments were made as O2 unveiled plans to give away shopping vouchers to those buying Nokiaphones in an effort to aid consumers amid the credit crunch.

Nokia is one of a number of mobile phone manufacturers to support mobile phone recycling.

Trade-in your old mobile phone for cash.

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