Trading-in a mobile phone may become an even shrewder move if it is followed by signing up to either Orange or T-Mobile.

The network providers, who recently merged to form the company Everything Everywhere, have announced their coverage is available to customers with both partners.

As such, those who use a handset with Orange can enjoy the signal in T-Mobile's range and vice versa, meaning text messages and calls can be made from more locations.

With approximately 30 million people on the books of the two firms, taking up the offer could benefit almost half of the UK's population.

“This is the beginning of an ambitious plan to give our customers instant access to whatever they want, wherever they are – instant access to everything everywhere,” states Tom Alexander, chief executive officer at Everything Everywhere.

Orange recently launched a series of new tariffs for its pay-as-you-go customers, offering an increased range of benefits to those who top up.

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