Moto X+1 may flex its processing muscles to go head to head with Samsung

It's the time of year when we all start to talk, once again, about what will be the real challenger to Apple's new iPhone. With the iPhone 6 being released this September or October (almost certainly), we've seen a number of companies look to bring new devices to the table that they think might be able to knock it off its pedestal.

However, it seems like it might be another of the big companies that wants to watch its back, because Motorola is apparently ready to release a new device that will have the power behind it to really challenge one of the major players, the Samsung Galaxy S5.

While the vast majority of phones on the market at the moment at the flagship end of the spectrum are packing Snapdragon 800 processors, the new Motorola device seems like it will be shipping with a Snapdragon 801 processor, a variant that has previously only been seen on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

This belief comes from the new benchmark that appeared on the Geekbench website, which appeared to show the latest performance statistics for a phone that carries the working title the Motorola XT1097, with speculation stating that this will be the Motorola Moto X+1, which is going to be the new flagship from Motorola. 

In the benchmark, the processor speed of 2.46GHz suggests that it features the upgraded Snapdragon 801, not the 800, which will be a fantastic piece of news for those who are looking for a new phone at the top end of the market. 

And it isn't just the processor speed that we've been impressed by when it comes to this latest benchmark. It suggests that the X+1 will come with internal storage of 32GB instead of 24GB, and a better front-facing camera – 5 megapixels instead of 2. 

And, of course, with Motorola and Google having announced that they are going to have a working relationship moving forward, the X+1 will also be coming, excitingly, with Android L as standard. 

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