Must-have accessories for a new mobile phone

Many lucky people unwrapped a brand new mobile phone on December 25th, and those looking to personalise their handset or improve the experience can purchase a number of accessories.

Buying a case is vital, as this will protect the device from scratches and scuffs as well as more severe bumps and drops.

More fashion-conscious consumers could opt for a stylish shell, whereas those more practical might buy one with a built-in battery booster.

Owners looking to make the most of music on their smartphone could buy a docking station, which will significantly improve the quality and volume provided by the gadget’s own speakers.

Opting for a set of earphones could also improve the experience when playing games, watching videos or using a music player. Some even have a microphone included, which lets the user make hands-free calls.

Drivers might go for a kit which holds their mobile phone on the windscreen, allowing them to easily and safely follow on-screen sat nav directions.

Posted by Samantha Green

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