New app brings Facebook, Hangouts, WhatsApp and more together in one place

Connectivity makes it possible to keep in touch with friends, family members, loved ones and other smartphone users more easily than ever before. 

Indeed, it can be difficult to imagine contact with people being easier – and even five years ago the levels of virtual interactivity we enjoy today would not have been possible. 

However, this does not come without slight inconveniences. For example, some friends may be dedicated to WhatsApp, while others might favour Facebook Messenger. 

Sometimes smartphone screens can be absolutely flooded with little app icons that all seem to be doing very similar things – and it can be hard to keep track of who is contacting you through which service. 

This is particularly the case with the likes of Facebook Messenger, which requires you to install other services to the device to be able to communicate with others in the same social circles. 

Another potential frustration is that some services facilitate communication from smartphone to desktop computer – and vice-versa – while others do not. 

However, another app has been launched that could be set to change all that. All-in-One Messenger has been launched on the Chrome Web Store and it consolidates many different messaging services together in one place. 

Numerous chat services, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Google Hangouts, can be accessed from here without the user having to rely on multiple chat clients. 

The app is free and it has a very simple and straightforward user interface, where all of the compatible chat clients are listed. 

All a user is required to do is to choose the service they want, sign in to their account and manage and switch between different chat clients from a series of tabs situated across the top of the window – much like on a standard web browser. 

Different login options are available according to the chat service in question. While the majority – including Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts – rely on simple manual logins, WhatsApp allows the user to connect their accounts with a QR code. 

On the Chrome Web Store page, the developers emphasise just how seriously they take user privacy. 

“All-in-One Messenger does not read anything you type, send or receive! It does not even store any of your login credentials anywhere. Each messenger lives in its own tab, which can not be accessed by other messengers. This is what makes it possible to use multiple accounts (of Skype for example) at the same time. 

“It also has the nice benefit of preventing cross-domain tracking of Facebook etc. as you don't have to be logged-in with your main browser. Overall, using All-in-One Messenger does provide a couple of advantages when it comes to security.”

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