New emojis incoming for WhatsApp users

A major new WhatsApp update has been released and it is fair to say it is absolutely packed with new features for users to get to grips with. 

People using the handset on the iPhone can send larger emojis through the app as part of version 2.16.7. Simply sending a single emoji will see it increased in size when forwarded to a contact. 

It is also possible to zoom in when recording videos from the app by simply sliding a finger up and down the screen, while load times are reduction and multiple conversations can be action at once via a new Mark All As Read option. 

While all of these new features are undoubtedly being lapped up by enthusiastic users, some keen-eyed fans have discovered a hidden clue as to a feature that could be officially unveiled in a future update. 

Olympic rings can be sent as an emoji – no doubt as part of a wider promotional push for the 2016 summer games, which will be hosted in Rio. 

The Olympic rings are already included in the Android version of the app as part of the in-app emoji repository, but things are a little more difficult for iPhone users for now. 

This is because emojis are not system-wide like they are for Android users. Instead, iPhone owners will have to either copy it from a friend, or by pasting five circular symbols into the text box, which automatically transform into the iconic five interlocking rings and can be copy and pasted into new conversations.

There is also another way to customise WhatsApp messages with a hidden technique – as there is a hidden font and the ability to send messages in bold, italic and strikethrough text.

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