New prime Samsung Galaxy leak appears to quash QHD dream

For the last few months, rumours have been pretty persistent when it comes to Samsung, with most people expecting to see the Korean firm come up with a successor to the Samsung Galaxy S5 that would help address some of the issues that fans had, such as the poor build quality compared to its competitors.

There were also heavy rumours that Samsung itself wanted to look into upgrading the screen. Originally, we believed it wanted to be the first company to bring out a phone with a quad-HD display. However, it was originally beaten to the punch on this by LG, with the LG G3 set to come with this next generation screen.

But now it appears that the phone we've all been waiting for, which recent leaks have us believing to be named the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, will not have the quad-HD display at all, and in fact it may come with the same screen as the Samsung Galaxy S3 instead. 

So could it be that the high-end phone we all expected was never meant to be, and instead Samsung has been working on what may turn out to be a more budget-friendly device all along?

According to the latest leaks we've seen from SamMobile, the screen on the Galaxy Alpha will be 720p, which would actually mean it is of a lower specification than those displays that came as standard on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5. The blog managed to unearth these details, it said, by digging into Samsung's developer console.

As well as a lower spec screen than we've seen on recent flagships from the Korean firm, there have also been other indications that this device will not be the high-end handset we thought we were going to see. 

A lack of a micro SD slot is seen as a weird omission by most people, given that this is basically standard on all Samsung phones, while it is said to come equipped with 32GB of storage, a fingerprint scanner and a nano SIM slot.

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