New YouTube app for Apple iPhone

A new YouTube application for iOS was released yesterday as the relationship between Google and Apple sours.

YouTube did come pre-installed to Apple devices. This meant that new iPhone owners would see the video site's app icon on their screen from the first time they switched their handset on, along with iTunes, Contacts and Maps.

However, products with the latest iOS 6 operating system will not have this feature. From now on, YouTube will have to be downloaded from the App Store by users.

This is the result of the two technology giants choosing not to renew a five-year licensing agreement.  Speculation is that tension caused by multiple lawsuits has created a rift between the companies.

Google has more freedom over the content of the YouTube app now that it is not involved in a contract with Apple.

This means that the app will support videos from big music labels, as Apple's advertising restrictions no longer apply.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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