Nokia celebrates 150th birthday

Nokia turned 150 this month. Yes, we said that right. Nokia, the Finnish multinational tech company, famous for bringing mobile phones to the masses was founded in 1865. And no, it wasn’t making such devices back in the late nineteenth century.

Back then, it was innovating with wood, specifically pulp. Indeed, the origins of one of the most iconic brands in recent times was something altogether different than what most people know. Origins are fascinating.

To mark the occasion, Nokia, which has since expanded to other parts of the world, was in a party mood. It got all its employees at their various bases to celebrate a fascinating and brilliant history.

“Today is a moment for all Nokia employees, and indeed all people who have been touched by Nokia over the years, to celebrate a truly significant milestone in the company's history,” said Rajeev Suri, the company’s president and chief executive officer.

“Our history is one of change: from paper to cables, rubber boots to TVs, and mobile phones to the Nokia of today. For 150 years we have embraced such change, emerging stronger as a result, and our recent Alcatel-Lucent announcement marks another such pivotal moment.”

He concluded by saying that the future is bright, explaining that it is moving forward with the kind of self-assuredness that has made it such a successful enterprise across three different centuries.

Of course, the focus is on innovating and responding to the idea of a ever-connected world, where communication and engagement across the world is more seamless than ever before.

In an official press release, the company went so far as to say that it has “already started the debate” about the implications of better connected species. The conversation it is spearheading concerns technology and its purpose in society.

Additionally, it’s about finding out “whether [tech] truly serves humanity. It stated: “The goal is to identify opportunities and challenges created by technology, and then shape the future in a positive direction through conversation, awareness, and content.”

One of the major highlights of its 150-year history was the successful launch of the Nokia 3310, one of the most popular phones in history. It launched in 2000 – apt that it was at the start of new century, millennium in fact – and has since shifted 125 million units across the world.

It was small, trendy for the time and packed with the kind of features that were unheard of at the time. This included the ever-popular game Snake, of course, a calculator, reminder function and a stopwatch.

Moreover, it was much-loved for its texting capabilities, allowing users to send far longer texts than was previously possible – texting was huge back then and people wanted to say more.

The company would go on to dominate the mobile phone market, however, in recent years, its power, influence and popularity has waned. Nevertheless, it remains ambitious and 2015 is set to be the year it reminds everyone that it’s a big player that will keep on reinventing itself.

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