Nokia Lumia ad mocks Apple iPhone

A Nokia advertisement for its imminent Lumia mobile phones pokes fun at the Apple iPhone 5.

The video shows monochrome people queuing up in a greyscale world for something iPhone-shaped with a '5' emblazoned across the front.

When one of the customers seems to ask the shopkeeper for a yellow version of the device, alarms go off in the store.

The advertisement's protagonist then steps outside to find brightly-coloured people, sporting mobile phones in a bright variety of shades.

The Finnish manufacturer is mocking the Apple iPhone 5 for its lack of handset colour choice. Currently, customers can only get the smartphone in white or black versions.

The upcoming Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 gadgets, however, come in a variety of colours.

The 920 device, which will be exclusive to Telstra in Australia, will be available in yellow, red, white, grey and black.

Nokia's Lumia 820 has the same range, plus blue and purple.

Nokia seems to believe that these options allow buyers to pick the phone which most suits their personality.

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