Nokia reportedly working on 41 mega-pixel camera

Nokia could be working on releasing another mobile phone with a 41 mega-pixel camera.

This isn't a debut for the company as its Nokia 808 Pureview had this mega camera, but the device was let down by its operating system. The firm is now rumoured to be looking to release a modern Windows Phone 8 handset.

Nokia is also testing two versions of the Eos smartphone; one dual-core and one quad-core version, according to anonymous sources posted on My Nokia Blog.

The unofficial company blogsite also said that the camera would be joined by both LED and a powerful Xenon flash and sport an impressive Amoled 1280 x 768 display.

Even if Nokia is working on two versions, it is more likely that it will target specific areas with certain handsets, making it unlikely users will see both, like with Samsung's Galaxy S4.

It's also likely that these are just prototypes and only one version will make it to a release date.

The blog reports that the company is having problems with the quad-core battery life. A drain on the expected 2,000 mAh battery could force the firm into only releasing the dual-core model.

Nothing has been confirmed by Nokia yet about the rumours, a release date or price, but it has said it will be exclusively in the US to start with.

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