Only 4% of Australians have ad blockers on their smartphones

Pop-up ads are a common bugbear among internet users. We're happily browsing our favourite websites and before you know it, an annoying video or image has appeared out of nowhere to interrupt our online experience.

No wonder then that one in four Australians now use ad blockers on their devices, while awareness of these systems has gone up from 59 per cent a year ago to 63 per cent today.

But a study carried out by Pureprofile for IAB Australia has identified an interesting trend – we're more likely to use ad blockers on computers rather than our mobile devices.

While 21 per cent of Australians have an ad blocker installed on their desktop or laptop, only four per cent have one on their smartphone.

This disparity begs a lot of questions? Are people simply happier to see pop-up ads on mobile devices? Do they visit fewer sites with pop-up ads on their smartphones? Or can they simply not be bothered installing a blocker and putting up with this minor irritation.

Vijay Solanki, chief executive of IAB Australia, pointed out that mobile has emerged as the “channel of choice” for many consumers.

As a result, he believes mobile advertisers will have to make sure they “respect the close relationship that a consumer has with their mobile phones” and provide “lighter, relevant and higher quality advertising experiences”.

Otherwise, these figures could look very different in a few years, with a much higher proportion of smartphone users actively trying to stop ads from interrupting their mobile web browsing.


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