Pixel 2 release plagued by flaws

The new Google Pixel 2 boasts impressive specifications, with an eight-core Snapdragon 835 processor, 12MP rear camera and 4GB of RAM. However, while reviews have been positive overall, several users have experienced major flaws with their new phones, the news of which could harm Google's sales.

The first of these is 'screen burn', which refers to images on a screen becoming permanently imprinted on the display. This is most often due to the same static visuals being shown for a long period of time – which is why computers have screensavers – but the Pixel 2 XL model appears to be exhibiting this flaw after just a week of use. The Pixel 2 XL's POLED screen has also been reported to have a blue tint when viewed from certain angles.

Australia's The New Daily got in touch with Google about this, and the company responded: “We are confident in the quality of the Pixel 2 XL POLED display and the superior user experience enabled by its resolution, contrast ratio, wide colour gamut, and other innovative characteristics.” However, the Google spokesperson also said the firm was investigating the reports of “suspected burn-in”.

A new issue that has come to light, according to some users, is that of odd noises coming from the handset, including clicks and high-frequency sounds. Again, a Google spokesperson said the company was investigating and that the performance of the devices are not affected beyond the noise.

There is a temporary fix to the issue, however: turning off the Pixel 2's near-field communication. This is used for transferring data wirelessly over short distances, such as for contactless payments. It seems that it is the source of the noises, although it is not clear if there is a long-term solution.

Overall, it is clear there are a few issues with Google's new smartphones that might be deal-breakers for some consumers. However, besides these errors the reaction to the devices has been positive, so it is yet to be seen whether or not these reports will affect sales.

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