Record-breaking 47.8m Apple iPhone handsets sold in Q4

A remarkable 47.8 million Apple iPhone devices were sold around the world in the fourth quarter, dwarfing previous achievements.

These impressive figures helped the manufacturer to generate record-breaking revenue of US$54.5 billion (AU$51.9 billion) and best-ever profits of US$13.1 billion.

The American company released its latest iPhone 5 mobile device at the end of the third quarter, so popularity of this handset may have contributed significantly to these accomplishments.

Apple managed to make the device thinner and lighter than ever despite increasing the screen size to four inches, and incorporated the most up-to-date iOS 6 software.

Replacement of Google Maps with an Apple alternative left many customers disgruntled, but most welcomed additions like Passbook.

Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology was a major draw to customers, as it facilitates connectivity to superfast 4G networks.

Users who take advantage can therefore install apps, stream videos, download music and browse the web quicker than ever while on-the-go.

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