Recycle mobile: Boeing passengers will be able to use mobile phones

Boeing has announced that its upcoming jetliners will provide connectivity for mobile phones.

The manufacturer said that the 747-8 and 777 airplanes will also allow passengers to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and watch live television broadcasts, perhaps as soon as 2013.

The 787 allows retrofit of in-flight systems, so Boeing hopes to install the connectivity offerings in this aircraft too. The company aims to have wireless media streaming in all of its jets by 2014.

This follows recent research from the Federal Aviation Administration which showed that personal electronic devices did not represent a threat to flight equipment, as previously thought.

The study said: “The civil aviation authorities reported no confirmed occurrences of cell phones affecting flight safety on aircraft with on-board cellular telephone base stations.”

Boeing hopes that these systems will give passengers a more comfortable and enjoyable flight experience.

Many smartphone users will be pleased that the new technology will enable them to surf the web, check emails and chat to people back home while in the air.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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