Recycle mobile phone: 285m NFC devices to ship in 2013

ABI Research has estimated that 285 million Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled devices will be shipped in 2013, and the majority will be in the mobile phone market.

The organisation expects take-up to boom, with a predicted unit shipment of 1.95 billion in five year's time.

“We expect handset shipments to more than double next year with NFC inclusion likely to become a default technology integrated into flagship handsets,” research analyst Phil Sealy said.

NFC allows wireless communication between devices – its predominant use in smartphones is for contactless payments.

Chips in the devices communicate with specialised terminals to transfer payment information, so that in-store transactions are more convenient.

It can also be used to send contact information from one handset to another, so a friend's details can be shared instantaneously.

The technology is relatively new, so only owners of modern smartphones can take advantage.

Devices like the HTC One X+. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Sony Xperia T 'Bond Phone' have NFC capabilities.

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