British consumers who recycle a mobile phone put themselves in a strong position to choose a replacement device from the large and varied range on offer in the UK.

Indeed, Lisa Gade, editor-in-chief of, has spoken of the envy she feels as a US resident when looking at the large selection of handsets that are released in Britain before they hit the States.

She listed the models that will run on Nokia's Windows Phone 7 operating system as among those she particularly wishes were available in her homeland first.

The expert also identified the Samsung Galaxy SII as a mobile she is still waiting excitedly for in the US.

“Of course, it's hard not to get excited about the Asus Padfone – a ten-inch Android tablet with companion Android smartphone that fits into a slot in the tablet,” Ms Gade added.

One of the most high-profile releases of recent months has been the Nokia N9, which is now available in UK stores.

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