Recycle my mobile: Patients looking up ailments on mobile phones

An increasing number of people are going into doctor and hospital appointments already knowing the source of their ailment by researching their symptoms on their mobile phones.

As well as this, people are now able to more easily self-manage disease such as diabetes with phones that can track sugar levels and record such information.

The UK government rolled out a new scheme earlier this year that would allow people to monitor their health at home with a mobile phone app rather than seeing a doctor or nurse.

President of Medical Communications Media and founder of Dr Joseph Kim said smart devices have the potential to change people's attitudes towards their health for the better.

Dr Kim believes they could be a catalyst for healthier living as people will have a better understanding of certain conditions.

“One of the big areas I've seen mobile devices having a big impact on patients is in disease self-management,” he added.

Posted by Samantha Green

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