Review: Microsoft’s Sprinkles App

All reputable communication technologies now offer users a function to add an emoji or other visual additions, such as filters, to messages and pictures. 

But what if you find scrolling through a list of icons and filters a little too time-consuming in your busy day-to-day life? Microsoft's new Sprinkles app could be the answer. It deals with the issue in way that only Microsoft can – by using machine learning technologies to auto-generate what it assumes is the correct functionality for your picture or message. 

Auto-generated functions which can be applied to photos include captions about what day of the week it is and amusing hats and moustaches, similar to the filters that you can apply on Snapchat. 

Some of the more interesting and distinctive functions include guessing the age of the person in the photograph and offering up suggestions of celebrity lookalikes that you can send to your friends and family. 

Reviews of the app so far suggest that it is reasonably easy to use, though some have suggested that its features are limited. Its age guessing and celebrity doppelganger feature also seem to need a little work, often offering up strange suggestions, some of which are not even the same gender. The age function is often over a decade out, though this can be part of the amusing charm of the fun functionality. 

This isn't the first time that Microsoft has experimented with camera technology. Last year saw the release of Pix, which aimed to use machine learning to get the perfect picture the first time. While both Pix and Sprinkles are not perfect and the technology needs some improving, it's a fun feature that can add a sense of entertainment, even if it doesn't really improve user experience or save time.

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