Rumours indicate details of three new iPhones

Apple fans will remember the iPhone X release for some time to come, especially the queues in Sydney. However, there may be more of the same coming up, as rumours are circulating of what the Californian tech giant might have up its sleeve for next year, including three new potential handsets.

This all comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for KGI Securities. He's well-known for his predictions, having correctly given details of the iPhone X – including its 5.8-inch display, its glass and stainless steel design, the lack of Touch ID and the fact that it would feature 3D sensing – some time before its release.

According to Mr Kuo – who supposedly gets his information from a contact in Apple's supply line – there will be three new handsets coming in 2018. He doesn't have names, but instead has details on their size and the type of screen they'll come with.

One device will be very similar to the iPhone X, with a 5.8-inch, 458 pixels-per-inch (PPI) OLED display. This would likely result in a screen resolution of 1,125 × 2,436 pixels, which would match Apple's latest product. This has led MacRumors – who obtained the information from Mr Kuo – to suggest that this device will be an upgraded iPhone X.

Another of the supposed new handsets is a giant 6.5-inch model with an OLED display of around 480 to 500 PPI. This would be uncharacteristically bulky for Apple, leading some to doubt the truth of this particular rumour. However, Mr Kuo is usually accurate in his predictions. It's thought therefore that this could be a larger iPhone X.

Finally, Apple is thought to also be bringing out a device with a 6.1-inch screen, but this one will be LCD rather than OLED, with a less-impressive display of between 320 and 330 PPI. This will be targeted at mid to low-range users, although the price tag is still allegedly hefty; Mr Kuo puts it at between $851 and $982.

Nothing is certain at this stage, of course. However, given Mr Kuo's past accuracy in these matters, we could well be looking at the next range of iPhones despite the X having just come out.

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