Samsung first to top Nokia mobile phone shipments since 1998

Samsung is set to topple Nokia from its pedestal this year, as the Galaxy S3 manufacturer might have the highest global mobile phone shipments in 2012.

The Finnish company has maintained this top spot for the past 14 years, but as its popularity begins to fade, so do sales.

According to IHS predictions, the Lumia creator's share has plummeted from 30 to 24 per cent, while the South Korean firm's has improved from 24 to 29 per cent.

With its latest gadgets, Nokia attempted to boost its customer base by adopting the new Windows Phone 8 software, rather than opting for the dominant Android operating system.

Apple retains bronze position despite gaining another three percentage point share in the past 12 months – one-in-ten mobile phones shipped around the world this year were iPhone devices.

LG has also increased its market penetration by half, taking its share to six per cent. High demand for the new Nexus 4 handset may have contributed to this improvement.

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