Samsung Galaxy S3 battery to last all day

Many people might look towards mobile phone recycling in order to get hold of the Samsung S3 after it was reportedly stated that the new smartphone will be able to keep its battery power all day.

Those that charge their phones for long periods after the devices are fully powered will no longer need to do that. Simply trade in your mobile and get the new Galaxy S3.

Vice president of product innovation at Samsung Kevin Packingham reportedly told CNET that all handsets released by the company in 2012 would be able to last from when people get up to when they go to bed with moderate to heavy use.

Criticisms have been directed towards a number of new smartphones released last year including the iPhone 4S and Lumia 800 because the battery life was poor.

Intel recently announced it would be moving into the smartphone market by linking up with Chinese PC manufacturer Lenovo and Motorola. It is hoped that the Intel chips will give high-quality graphics, processing power and also allow for longer battery life.

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