Samsung Galaxy S3 sales hit 30m

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has racked up global sales of 30 million since its release in May this year.

The Android-powered smartphone still seems to be selling well, despite the recent release of its biggest competitor, the iPhone 5.

Apple's latest device was released on September 21st, and the American firm sold five million units in the opening weekend.

One of the S3's main attractions may be the 'inspired by nature' design, which intuitively responds to the user's gestures.

Smart Stay utilises the front-facing camera to monitor the owner's eyes, and ensures brightness is maintained while gaze is directed at the mobile phone screen.

Responding to the device's popularity in Australia, the company released 4G and Mini versions of the smartphone in the country.

The former allows buyers to take advantage of new high-speed internet networks, while the latter is a four-inch version of the S3, with lower specifications.

Samsung also produces one of the most popular phablet (smartphone-come-tablet) devices, the Galaxy Note 2.

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