Samsung to get nostalgic with flip phones

Mobile phones have been around for long enough now that we're starting to get nostalgic about our old handsets.

These days, many of us remember our first phones in the same way we recall our first car or our childhood toys. 

For people of a certain age, your first smartphone could be a defining item in your life and one that carries lots of powerful and deep memories.

So perhaps it's not a surprise to see that smartphone manufacturers are starting to dip into the well of nostalgia.

Just recently, HMD Global unveiled a revamped version of the iconic Nokia 3310 that boasts a retro design but can comfortably rub shoulders with modern smartphones.

Best of all, you can even play Snake on it!

Now Samsung has become the latest big name to try to capitalise on people's memories, tapping into the great fun we had when we all went out with flip phones.

We felt like Captain Kirk calling the Starship Enterprise every time we made a call, but we were all fickle and then rushed out to buy touchscreen smartphones as soon as they were released.

But years later, we've started remembering the sheer pleasure of a flip phone and demand for their return has grown.

Samsung has therefore unveiled the W2017, a premium flip phone with a design that evokes the past but offers features you'd associate with the very latest smartphones.

For instance, it boasts two touchscreens and uses an Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system. 

The 4.2-inch Super AMOLED touchscreens each offer a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and one of these can be seen on the outside before you flip it open.

But excitingly, the second can only be seen when you've opened the handset and it is accompanied by an old-fashioned keyboard, just like what you'd see on an early noughties feature phone.

Other features that make the W2017 a strong alternative to modern smartphones include the 12-megapixel rear camera, while there's also a five-megapixel front-facing camera for the selfie addicts among you.

Add to that 64GB of onboard data storage and 4GB of RAM, as well as a fingerprint scanner for anyone using contactless payments on Samsung Pay, and you have a device that ticks a lot of boxes.

It's also got a Snapdragon 820 processor, which is exactly what powers the Samsung Galaxy S7 – a measure of how it combines the cutting edge with the pleasantly nostalgic all at the same time.

It certainly makes sense, as a retro phone might look cool or be a great talking point, but if it doesn't have the functionality that discerning customers both want and expect, it wouldn't actually be that useful – and certainly not worth replacing other handsets with.

With the W2017, Samsung has struck the perfect balance between triggering memories of the past while keeping its feet rooted firm in the present day.

Of course, its niche appeal means both that its availability is limited and that the handset is quite expensive. Indeed, it's only available in China right now, but maybe the revival of the Nokia 3310 and old-fashioned flip phones will encourage more manufacturers to follow suit and make them available to the masses.

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